Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS)

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O szkoleniu Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS)

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Dla kogo?

  • The primary audience for this course is an IT, facilities or data center operations professional working in and around the data center and having the responsibility to achieve and improve hi availability and manageability of the data center.


  • IDC MarketScape leader 4 years running for IT education and training
  • Recognized by IDC for leading with global coverage, unmatched technical expertise, and targeted education consulting services
  • Key partnerships with industry leaders OpenStack®, VMware®, Linux®, Microsoft®, ITIL, PMI, CSA, and (ISC)2
  • Complete continuum of training delivery options—self-paced eLearning, custom education consulting, traditional classroom, video on-demand instruction, live virtual instructor-led with hands-on lab, dedicated onsite training
  • Simplified purchase option with HPE Training Credits Certified

Cele szkolenia

  • Understand the design life cycle of data centers and the stages involved.
  • Discuss the data center requirements in great level of detail with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to ensure that these requirements are met.
  • Validate design plans, quotes, and offers proposed by vendors/contractors.
  • Understand redundancy levels for both the data center design/setup and maintenance.
  • Understand the various building considerations such as bullet proofing, mitigation of seismic activity, fire ratings, and thermal stability.
  • Understand how to install a raised floor that meets requirements, avoiding misalignment, level differences, and leakage.
  • Understand how to read a Single Line Electrical Diagram to identify and avoid the most common design issues.
  • Choose the correct UPS and parallel configuration, learn, and avoid classic parallel installation mistakes.
  • Understand how to calculate battery banks, validate offered configurations to ensure they meet requirements.
  • Understand what distance to keep to avoid EMF issues for human safety and equipment disturbances.
  • Understand the fundamental cooling setup, CFM, Delta-T and other important factors.
  • Understand contamination factors and limitations.
  • Understand full details of fire suppression options, how to calculate gas content and verify installations.
  • Understand how to measure data center energy efficiency and how to improve it.


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